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Turning children’s lives around

“You do not choose a vocational career; it chooses you”

It arrives in your life, takes it over, and demands that you give it every ounce of energy, passion and determination you have. And I wouldn’t have it any other way: I have worked with children and young people for over 35 years, in the belief that every one of them is worth fighting for. At Five Rivers, our approach is modelled on the childhoods that most of us took for granted, where children are cared for, loved, valued and respected.

We create an environment where a child finds, often for the first time, that everyone wants the very best for them and to show them a meaningful future. Equally, they discover that this requires rules and boundaries, effort, and respect for everyone around them.

I founded Five Rivers Child Care in 1989, having previously worked in the care system as a social worker, psychotherapist, family therapist and expert witness.

Today, Five Rivers draws on nearly three decades of experience in recapturing the childhoods of neglected and abused children. With our care homes, fostering network and education services, we have never been better placed to turn children’s lives around.”

Pam McConnell

CEO Pam McConnell

What we do

Five Rivers Child Care is one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners in turning around the lives of vulnerable children.

We remove them from what is typically a spiral of descent. We give them sense of belonging and self-worth; we equip them with education and life skills; and we set them up to progress into family life and, ultimately, independence.

We operate from 22 locations around England, guided by a senior leadership team recruited from every key discipline of child care.

Work with us

Every child needs a hero, but children and young people in care need something more: remarkable people who can make them feel – often for the first time in their lives – valued, safe and genuinely cared for.

Whether you’re an experienced caregiver, or perhaps just feel instinctively that you could make a difference to challenged lives, Five Rivers Child Care provides both the opportunity and the total support to make it happen. We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation, encouraging continued personal development for both our staff and the young people in our care. With us, you can progress your career in a rewarding and engaging environment.

We offer a full suite of child care services and are always keen to hear from engaged, passionate people in the areas below. And we offer rewards that reflect the vital role you’ll perform.

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