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Some of the sites within our job board network include:

TotalJobs Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / Recruiters Jobsite Job Board - - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersIndeed Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersMonster Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersCV Library Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / Jobs - AWD online multiple job board advertisingCWJobs Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / jobs - AWD online multiple job board advertisingSalesJobs Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersMarketing Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersRetailChoice Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersJobsRetail Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersBritishJobs Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / RecruitersGoogleJobs Job Board - AWD online Flat Fee Recruitment / Recruiters Plus many more...


  • Are you looking to advertise a job?
  • Do you want your advert to reach as many candidates as possible?
  • Would you like a simple to use service that offers excellent customer service and your own dedicated Account Manager for a low one off cost?

If you can answer ‘YES’, to these questions then we have a range of recruitment advertising packages starting from £199+vat, with discounts offered on our multi-job board advertising packages, that will suit your needs and produce excellent results.


Job Boards vs Recruitment Agencies

Using job boards to fill your vacancies is an extremely cost effective recruitment strategy, compared to using recruitment agencies, which can result in paying extremely high recruitment placement fees. However, advertising directly online needs to be approached correctly to ensure it delivers great results by targeting the right audience and achieving a high level of exposure.

To help you through the ins and outs of writing and advertising job vacancies we’ve provided the following information to guide you through the process.


Eye Catching Adverts Optimised for SEO

To give your job advertisement the best chance of being successful you need to have an eye-catching job description that is optimised for SEO. Having a well-laid out job advert, which clearly explains the vacancy requirements such as the core duties and responsibilities, key skills, industry experience, location, salary and benefits and any other ‘must haves’ required for the role such as a driving licence or particular qualifications etc. is really important in encouraging the best suited candidates to apply for the vacancy. However, in addition to this you need to ensure your advert is optimised for SEO. Job board technology has progressed rapidly over the years. In the early days some job boards just used the job titles to index their jobs. Nowadays, the job boards use a combination of the adverts job title and content relevancy, including salary ranges, locations etc. to index their jobs and deliver better matched results to the job seekers searching their databases. Because of this, it’s important more than ever that your advert is not only formatted and well laid out, but also contains a variety of key words and industry related terminology so that it ranks high, preferably on page one of the candidates search results page when they are searching on that job site.


Which Job Board to Use?

Once your advert is written and you’re happy with the content, layout and key word optimisation added to the text, you then need to decide which job board to advertise on.

Deciding which job board to use can be an extremely daunting task as you review the costs, check out if the site is specialist / niche or generalist and try to find out if that job board is the right one to use for that particular job, as some job boards are stronger in some industries and job types than others.

Unfortunately, unless you have a large advertising budget or have a high volume of jobs to set up longer term contracts with each of the leading job sites, you’ll pretty much have to put all your eggs in one basket and advertise on just one site, which is not always that effective, especially if you want a decent amount of job applications to arrange interviews from.


Advertise on Multiple Leading Job Boards for £199+vat

(discounts offered on our multi-job board advertising packages)

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution that can get your job advert on multiple leading job sites for £199+vat then look no further.

Established since 2006, our dedicated team always work closely with our clients to ensure each job posting is formatted and laid out correctly and is completely optimised for SEO purposes, allowing you to sit back and wait for the applications to come rolling in.

Once approved the advert is then posted throughout our job board network giving your vacancy maximum exposure. We use premium and semi-featured advertising slots for our postings allowing your job adverts even more exposure to reach the right target audience.

Our job board network consists of some of the UK’s leading job sites such as TotalJobs, Monster, Jobsite, CV Library, Reed, Indeed, GumtreePro plus many more specialist / niche sites.

In addition to this the job advert will also be distributed through a number of leading job board aggregators such as Indeed, SimplyHired, Adzuna, Jobhopnow, JobRapido, CareerJet, JobisJob plus many more.

To help give the job even greater exposure we also promote each vacancy throughout our social media network, which includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

With all these elements combined together each job posting gets a lot of exposure online, helping you to fill your vacancies quickly with the best candidates for a one off low cost.

 If you’re looking to recruit for a position in your company, why advertise on one job site when you can advertise your vacancy on multiple job boards for a fraction of the cost.

For more information about our services please call our office on: 0330 088 1895 or complete the below form and one of specialist recruitment advertising team members will be in touch.

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