About Online Fixed Rate, Flat Fee Recruitment, Low Cost Job Board Solutions

AWD online is a specialist Job Board Advertising and CV Sourcing Online Flat Fee Recruitment Agency, which provides businesses from all different sectors an alternative, value for money way to recruit new employees for their company.

Historically businesses would either recruit staff directly by placing adverts in magazines and newspapers, or more recently online, or utilise the services of a traditional recruitment agency.

All of these recruitment methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and by using over 16 years of recruitment and job vacancy advertising experience we were able look at all of these traditional recruitment methods and design a selection of unique, low cost, recruitment solutions that will provide our clients with the best of both worlds when filling their jobs.

Unlike online job boards, our service is not automated. We are experienced online flat fee recruitment consultants who believe recruitment is still a people business, no matter how much technology is used in our every day recruiting. This is why we talk to each and every client prior to taking on an online recruitment campaign. By taking the time to talk to our client helps us fully understand the job requirements and expectations of our client, which unfortunately is not always possible by just submitting a job vacancy online.

If you would like to find out more information on our flat fee recruitment services and recruitment packages please call our Online Flat Fee Recruitment Team on: 0330 088 1895 who will be happy to provide you with all the information you require.